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If you are looking for wedding makeup ideas you have come to the right place. In this video pro makeover artist Meenakshi Dutt shows you a simple yet classy reception look on a beautiful bride…. For Asians, your very eyes are your natural heritage. So in your wedding… Accentuate the… Video Rating: 0 / 5

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  • googleflex 5 years ago

    I think it would be more helpful for us if you could actually tell us the
    products you are using

  • zaimah Diamond 5 years ago

    hello do you ever use tan or darker skin color Indians? I mean its……

  • Veeresh Svt 5 years ago

    Plz give some ideas I have one marriage on may 9and 10 for me and my teen
    age daughter 

  • Sima Sharma 5 years ago

    show full hairstyle pls.

  • Sana Saeedbutt 5 years ago

    too much black it killed the look

  • Fauzia Khan 5 years ago

    Khubsurat……… fantastic look.♥♥♥

  • Esmia Gonzales 5 years ago

    Love this look because it isn’t too much or too out there, you enhanced her
    natural beauty wonderfully. This look also goes great with her dress 

  • vivek venugopal 5 years ago

    your every makeup looks so cool and beautiful which lipstick do you use can
    you tell?

  • Talha Adam 5 years ago

    It look good love the hair n make up

  • Kiran Kumar 5 years ago
  • Yalda Nourzaii 5 years ago

    Is this u calling simple make up uuffffffff I think u should say alot make
    up tutorial 

  • Sukhwinder Choppra 5 years ago


  • Prabhjeet Kaur 5 years ago

    which eyeshadows u used ??

  • star tanu 5 years ago

    Walykumassalam !! Its an oily and some time its dry …when i reached
    functions its get oily and my face get dulll and look oily + black

  • Devi Shewakramani 5 years ago
  • Vox Nation 5 years ago

    she looked prettier w no make up :)

  • Kiza Creation 5 years ago

    What foundation do you use

  • star tanu 5 years ago

    Assalamualykum !!!
    Can u tell me what type of maKe up kit u r using …
    And i am little black ,so plz tell me what type of foundation i use to be
    fair for more then 6 hr plz help me out i want to be look fair in my sis
    marrige …plz help me out ..

  • Aishwarya R 5 years ago

    Very nice 

  • Nishat Karim 5 years ago

    wow she looked stunning!

  • waterarcher1101 5 years ago

    The eyebrows are a bit messed up. But the whole look looks good on her.

  • Nabanita Chakraborty 5 years ago

    She looks very pretty..n the makeup done is really suiting her…(y)

  • Khairo Pool 5 years ago


  • makeup Artist Tina Galloway 5 years ago

    be nice if u talked through what u are using and doing too.

  • Husna Asif 5 years ago

    List the products ma’am