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Ace Beautician Rachana Sharma demonstrates the make up for the bride Meenaxi who is going to wear a gown at her wedding. Subscribe NOW to get daily updates o… Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  • Kruti Amin 5 years ago

    What is gold dust powder ? I can’t find at UK plz help me thx 

  • Judith Cake World 5 years ago

    I love that it is so beautiful

  • shrizzle singh 5 years ago

    haha england to london lol

  • Judith Cake World 5 years ago

    I love that it is so beautiful

  • varinder kaur 5 years ago

    lol…crazy….wrst makeip eber n claiming ace artist…

  • Dipak Shah 5 years ago
  • Projapoti20 5 years ago

    shes very bad in makeup

  • debbieray100 5 years ago

    Hello, can you advise what is Kakri? which juice to be applied under eyes?
    And please advise which shimmer glow (brand) you have used. it is not
    available all over the world. thx

  • azxcv450 5 years ago


  • simaspk56 5 years ago

    Super mak up

  • Dlovely291 5 years ago

    I like her contact lens color! Really makes the dark eyes pop

  • okhalid 5 years ago

    so bright make-up is suppose to be tacky for a Christian bride.. but she
    has pink eye-shadow and navy eye-liner under the eyes.. and at 15:31 you
    can tell her false lashes on the inner corner are not lined up with lase
    line.. she looks like a Frankenstein bride.. seriously wtf

  • taaneez73 5 years ago

    Amma bhowww

  • Jaana0269 5 years ago

    omg i would really like to know her eye color…

  • Arushi Farman 5 years ago

    nice makeup

  • Jasdeep Ghuman 5 years ago

    “England se leke London tak”

  • Yvonne Johnston 5 years ago

    wow 2 sets of lashes on each eye!!!! lol I feel so sorry for this girl, it
    sounds like it is her first time wearing makeup and she don’t know!

  • ayeshasajid1 5 years ago

    u call her ace make up artist? and she uses vega brushes. wow

  • pushpakritika 5 years ago

    This stuff is from 2005

  • rozhan17 5 years ago

    why the hell does she use the same eyeshadow color every damn episode.. she
    is nt a proffesional jst an idiot..

  • sami212045 5 years ago

    Wow she made her look good!

  • Sneha Patel 5 years ago

    kakri its cucumber in English

  • Yvonne Johnston 5 years ago

    what do u mean how many times, she was married before???

  • Sandra Gurusamy 5 years ago

    very nice tips to work out

  • mjotcute 5 years ago

    Poor job at applying the lashes. They are coming out when she is applying
    at liner.