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My first impressions on the new BH Cosmetics Mineral Powder Foundation. I use this alone for a nice light sheer glowing radiant coverage, or I use it over foundation for a fuller glowing coverage…. Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  • Jedyka Paige 4 years ago

    Thx Jess Caper loving these two together. Makes a wonderful flawless look.
    Really cheap too.

  • Megúrîne Lukä chan 4 years ago

    I bought the foundation and really like it, it’s moisturizing and if I use
    it with powder in the Summer it’s not too oily since I have combination
    skin like all year round :/ but I bought a shade too dark. either way I
    like it’s slight duey finish and I wouldn’t mind the mineral powder
    convering that. So I was wondering, the powder you got is the lightest one
    I believe; Was it too dark for you, too light or just right? My skintone is
    about your shade, I have pink-blue undertones though. Gonna repurchase the
    foundation and try out the powder since they’re on sale really cheap now,
    thanks for the review, I love BH Cosmetics and how they always always have
    sales! It’s like they’re an online yet drugstore priced brand with higher
    end quality.

  • Lisha Lish 4 years ago

    I like it…it’s nice

  • jess caper 4 years ago

    It looks very nice with both products on right side of your face. The
    coverage looks flawless. Great review plus you are funny lol.