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A natural everyday makeup tutorial inspired by the lovely Eleanor Calder! Don’t forget to push the LIKE button! 🙂 Products I’ve been loving:… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Hey guys! Here is the makeup that I will be wearing lots for Spring! THUMBS UP 🙂 ‘Picnic In The Park’ lip gloss:… Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Eleanor Wright 5 years ago

    /tina makeup look 😉 sorry but i had to.

  • bwashere13 5 years ago

    Why the fuck would you want to look like that beard. 

  • Molly Nicholson 5 years ago

    What brush do you use for foundation?

  • 123peacepuppy 5 years ago

    You should do Sophia Smith … or Perrie Edwards !

  • Lizeth Quispe 5 years ago

    i dont even know what she has done to inspire a look… sigh. anyway.

  • mcarcamo1211 5 years ago

    What shade of the YSL concealer did you use? And is there any substitute to
    the cream blush?

  • Lee Franco 5 years ago

    Loll she talks REALLY fast 

  • VIP007 5 years ago

    Your so pretty! and love els look yea! :)

  • Lyndee Smith 5 years ago

    egnore bwashere he is a div you look lovley tan x

  • Hanni Wilke 5 years ago

    so great video ! I love this look, I Love Eleanor Calder ( she’s amazing )
    and I love your video . #happy 

  • Sophia Reyes 5 years ago

    I love love love this look! Love the eyelashes most of all

  • BABWluvr207 5 years ago

    What shade of concealer did you use? Anyone know?

  • Molly Nicholson 5 years ago

    You look beautiful without makeup x

  • Iris Tomlinson 5 years ago

    Please can you do an Indiana Evans makeup tutorial

  • Shashika Lekamwasam 5 years ago

    Eleanor Retweeted this Video..:)

  • Hannah O'shea 5 years ago

    This does not look natural . A teenager looking like that? Really?

  • Bahar Agha 5 years ago

    What was the foundation name?

  • Jessica Cogan 5 years ago


  • Eliza Bran 5 years ago

    I love this so much. I see every make-up video you have. I am so conflicted
    about which foundation I should use because I have really oily skin and the
    foundation that I have been using hasn’t been helping my skin. And also I
    have been breaking out a lot. And also my foundation doesn’t stay on all
    day or as long. I just want to know what can I use or what else can I use
    so it can stay on longer?

  • Joanna Marciniak 5 years ago

    NAKED is so expensive! Do you have another similar eyeshadow? x

  • Freya Rogers 5 years ago

    What is the best brush for liquid foundation? X

  • Roxanne Goth 5 years ago

    That really suits u !!

  • amy attwater 5 years ago

    ive got that conclear my mum gave my it the name rubbed of but now i now
    the name thx 

  • ailinh nguyen 5 years ago

    tan can you please do a tutorial for sophia smith?

  • Maddie Samengo-Turner 5 years ago

    looks really good i think i’ll use this! xx

  • Tanya Burr 5 years ago
  • sidecutjane 5 years ago

    Can you show us all of your lipglosses on camera? This look is so

  • MyDestinySong 5 years ago

    9:56 had me roaring with laughter! Love you, Tan!

  • aleidacastroxo | Makeup 5 years ago

    Ur gorgeous. I want to try out ur lip glosses.
    I make videos too. I would love for u to check them out. 

  • Dhruvi Khandelwal 5 years ago

    1:00 , Am I the only one who noticed the DIOR compact…. Are they mirrors
    +Tanya Burr 

  • Grace Todd 5 years ago

    yh i’m still here 😉 xx

  • Rebecca Ellie 5 years ago


  • savannahandstuff 5 years ago

    Gorgeous Tanya!

    *I’m having a giveaway on my channel for a $50 gift card to sephora that
    ends on valentines day if anyone is interested :)*

  • Cutieheyhi1 5 years ago

    Omg the lipgloss looks so good! where can I buy it?? Do they have it in the

  • MuSiC22123 5 years ago

    I watched till the end I love you so much 

  • ChantelleMakeUp1 5 years ago

    Tanya you look beautiful! I love the lipgloss so much! x

  • phoebepeek 5 years ago

    I bought the Revlon colour stay foundation in Sand Beige the other day so
    when you mentioned it at the start I got all excited! Haha. Definitely
    going to recreate this, so gorgeous. X

  • MakeupWithMillie24 5 years ago

    Giveaway on my channel if anyone is interested? Its international xxoxo

  • Baibleydz 5 years ago

    I wuv your word vomit! :D

  • Amanda Noel 5 years ago

    You have such gorgeous eyes! You always seem to look flawless. You’re an
    inspiration. xx

  • Brianca Provoid 5 years ago

    Definitely have to get that foundation because I swear it looks so natural
    and beautiful on you.

  • Clinton Evans 5 years ago

    Wow. Super big congrats on the your own lipgloss! Whoop Whoop, Celebrity
    status unlocked! 

  • Keena 5 years ago

    I don’t even wear lip gloss and I said wow out loud when you finished
    putting it on.

  • Mako Barnsley 5 years ago


  • nissosaur 5 years ago

    Beautiful ♥

  • Iris Mercado 5 years ago

    I’m still here because I simply love your bloopers and your nail color is
    gorgeous <3 

  • Erin Kane 5 years ago

    Your so goregous!

  • MyBeautysleuth Sarah 5 years ago

    Lovely look!

  • Anitza Rodriguez 5 years ago

    the magic of makeup:!;)

  • Layomi Coker 5 years ago

    Your so beautiful Tanya