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  • Tsudip Rai 6 years ago

    My coworkers laughed when I told them I was going to shed pounds with “Fat Blast Formula”, but then I showed them the results. Google “Fat Blast Formula” to see their reaction. (It was epic!)

  • Kelli Massey 6 years ago

    youre hella cute

  • nnpierreti 6 years ago

    pretty girls follow me on twitter @nattsbear

  • Lily Rose 6 years ago


  • TheHasina 6 years ago

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  • UniMoonie 6 years ago

    You look like Bridget mendler

  • Sajedah Ghizawi 6 years ago

    Love ur accent

  • Jo Jo Vdw 6 years ago

    these are really good tips

  • PeaceJoyLara 6 years ago

    U do have quite nice skin compared to other people

  • PeaceJoyLara 6 years ago

    Subscribe to my Chanel

  • Tatiana lewis 6 years ago

    I thought Bridget mender to lol

  • majanissan 6 years ago

    Em… plastic surgury?

  • cookiemonster40000 6 years ago

    This is not for beginners unless you wanna look like Barbue

  • Christina Stacey 6 years ago

    I know this may sound stupid. But when i clicked on this vid i thought……….BRIDGIT MENDLER?!?!

  • RadioArcade26 6 years ago

    You’re so pretty! And this video really helped, thank you! 🙂

  • myla forbes 6 years ago

    Don’t judge, or call her crap. You don’t know her. And she’s beautiful. So shut up.

  • myla forbes 6 years ago

    Her teeth are fine. And this is a amazing video. And she lives in Ireland. With her husband and baby,

  • jenny xiang 6 years ago

    Please fix you teeth. It is distraction

  • Veronique Borg 6 years ago

    I’m a beginner and think this video is very helpful. I use only two brush with different colors, but put it on like in the video. Don’t have to use the same brands as her. So I think this is absolute for beginners 🙂

  • jagdeep brar 6 years ago

    nice cheek bones

  • jagdeep brar 6 years ago

    i no rite

  • sloipkoi 6 years ago

    How is this makeup for beginners? Beginners don’t have loads of brushes, palettes, nor use different brands no one has heard of. This video is retarded, dumb ass

  • gabby fennell 6 years ago

    you look like briget mindlier

  • ChristineSMTOWN 6 years ago

    Do I have to put moisturizer on my face first before putting the make up? Because I am afraid that I might get even more acne when I put on the makeups! D:

  • dareliciouz 6 years ago

    anna, you dont need make up. u look really good without makeup! =)