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I was requested to do a makeup routine video featuring how I apply my liquid foundation as well as how I style my hair in the morning. Other videos: Foundati… Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Venisha Jackson 4 years ago

    I’m sorry, I was paying attention to the dog in the back lol and then next
    thing I know he was gone haha! Nice video though 

  • La Donna Hannah 4 years ago

    You did a beautiful job, your makeup looked flawless.

  • Renee Simpson 4 years ago

    Im a beginner with makeup and u really have inspired me to get better at
    it! And Im also natural so my edges curl up with water based hair
    products…id like to know what product that was you were using on your

  • Myrna Ibrahim 4 years ago

    one thing to say…. YOU ARE SOOO PRETTY <323 I am in love lol, friend love
    cause I am not lesbian but still cute <33

  • Jessica Harris 4 years ago

    Omg thanks a lot! I’m 32 and just now starting to wanna wear make up! U did
    a beautiful job. Hope I get it

  • Melissa B-B 4 years ago

    What’s the name of the brush that you used to put on your foundation in the

  • Amarachi Duru 4 years ago

    What brush did you use to put on your foundation?

  • Sophelia Robinson 4 years ago

    love your channel …..pls do a review for my sassy swag silk hair wrap or
    bonnet while applying your makeup. I would be honored! to contact me. God bless!

  • Tierra Tyler 4 years ago

    lol the dog

  • Deanna Mack 4 years ago

    Wow You did that lady! I like that look on you! I got some Younique
    products you might want to check out. Eye, colors, foundations, and our
    #1best seller 3D FIBER LASH MASCARA #BOOM
    Get yours here:

  • jadah shaw 4 years ago

    U helped alot . I now know to use elf

  • Simply T 4 years ago

    Hi love your videos, what type camera do u use thanks

  • blksouthernluv25 4 years ago

    Thank you for posting this video!!! I have really oily skin and never liked
    liquid foundation, I found that it makes my face ‘cakey’ but this
    foundation is amazing! Stayed on ALL day, didn’t even need much concealer.
    Best of all, it didn’t leave my skin oily!

  • LaVetra Taylor 4 years ago

    Hi I’m new to your channel and I’d like to know what would be the best
    makeup product for me I’m 14 and I’ve never worn it before 

  • Junesha TayloRd 4 years ago

    Why do you use liquid and powder foundation?

  • Zuzu Eva 4 years ago

    Thanks girl

  • Rina Rosales 4 years ago

    Ur dog looks like a ewok. Cuuuute

  • Brianna Mitchell 4 years ago

    Please Tell Me The Video Editor Your Use

  • Stephanie Pruitt 4 years ago

    I love it Beautiful, what base do you apply to your face before you apply
    your foundation. and also what kind of concealer do you use.

  • Maggie Campbell 4 years ago

    You remind me so much of my daughter. You favor her too. We love makeup.
    Great video

  • Sabrina Khan 4 years ago

    Great video with affordable make up, thanks for sharing 🙂 

  • Ameerah Offord 4 years ago

    I love how she uses Elf products because other makeup tutorials the person
    uses high priced products such as Mac and Nars, but it’s so great to hear
    she uses Elf products and the result is just as the same as Mac or Nars

  • Tee Scott 4 years ago

    I loved this !!

  • Germana Graca 4 years ago

    don’t know why the dog made me laugh so much!xD

  • Cherry Scott 4 years ago

    Love the video!! The dog is too cute!