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Watch in HD!! Become A Loveleigh: Here is my Winter Makeup Look using ALL DRUGSTORE products 🙂 Enjoy xx My Knit Sweater:…

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  • Kayleigh Noelle 5 years ago

    IT’S UP!!! Check out my NEW Video :)

  • Helen Kay 5 years ago

    Hey Kayleigh!! I love your videos, I always am so excited to see you pop up
    with a new one, you’re gorgeous!! 🙂 however I notice that the color is
    sometimes a little weird :/ like it has a filter or isn’t natural so the
    colors look really muted. Idk if thats just the camera or something but
    just an observation- It would be awesome to see it in more of a
    natural/warm bright type of lighting!! again keep up the amazing videos!!

  • Let's Use Logic 5 years ago

    Love the tutorial but the maybelline fit me is terrible. Well, I think it’s
    terrible. When I bough mine I actually brought it back I hated it so much.
    It’s not good for oily skin or people who want coverage. It’s definitely a
    light coverage. I have tinted moisturizers with hella more coverage.

  • jenny teather 5 years ago

    I don’t really understand the point of putting a colour filter on your
    videos… you have those lights for a reason, looks way better without the

  • April Rilling 5 years ago

    I just think ur gorgeous me n my daughter always watch makeup videos
    together n she made me tear up she said she dont need makeup momshes
    beautiful with out it just like u mom girls dont need makeup to be pretty
    all girls are shes only 8 made me feel good that i taught her beauty is
    from within so if u see this please say hi to my daughter opichi u would
    make her night
    Love u 🙂

  • hrb5195 5 years ago

    Very pretty but it’s kinda hard to tell the coloring and what you did to
    the skin because the lighting is a little washed out. Maybe keep it natural
    instead of putting a filter? nonetheless it’s pretty from what I can see

  • Jelena Zivanovic 5 years ago

    Another lovely, soft, warm, neutral makeup!!! Beautiful for the chilly

  • dandy lion 5 years ago

    Great look Kayleigh. Loving your dark hair. Nail color on point for
    fall/winter. I use the fit me concealer, too, and I like it a lot. 

  • Katrina Hamilton 5 years ago

    You’re stunningly beautiful. Lovely, cozy, winter look..

  • kotl777 5 years ago

    Love the lids. Do you have a filter on? It reminds me of (don’t laugh) one
    of the twilights movies, I think it’s the latest one where it’s winter time
    and everyone looks so pale and white and ghostly. Anyway warm it up!

  • oohlalapaola 5 years ago

    What shade of the ph powder.

  • Carissa Vasile 5 years ago

    Lovely look, however that much concealer is not necessary…

  • isamar5683 5 years ago

    such a pretty, natural look for this winter.. 🙂 Girl, how do you do your
    eyeliner so perfectly and in so little time, I swear I take hours every day
    LOL, you make it look so easy!!!

  • Lauren Coffman Beauty 5 years ago

    I just found your channel and I am so glad I did! You are so stunning, and
    I love your style. New subbie here for sure. xoxo.

  • Mariam Paiwand 5 years ago

    kayleigh can you do a drugstore makeup look for a formal event
    pleaseeeee??? 😀 <3

  • Sherry Smith 5 years ago

    i like your hair but I thought you said you didn’t want it darker? It looks
    way darker than before

  • Rebecca Constable 5 years ago

    You remind me of Victoria Justice! So pretty 

  • Kelthy Allie 5 years ago

    I love watching you’re videos! You’re so beautiful and down to earth. I’ve
    watched all of yours and Matt’s vlogs and I just think you guys are
    awesome. I always watch you’re vlogs to cheer me up. Keep doing what you’re
    doing and don’t let the haters get you down!

  • SarahMichelleCole92 5 years ago

    I lovee this! I was so excited, scrolled down to see the list of stuff you
    used & it wasnt there! :/ lol!! I definitely need to try the maybelline fit
    me concealer and loreal tru match blush! 

  • 1surftheblue 5 years ago

    Kayleigh you’re so gorgeous and humble. Even with your killer new bod. But
    I love that lip color on you. It’s gorgeous. And can I have your eyes?

  • Desiree Arvizu 5 years ago

    You remind me of genevieve padalecki your so pretty!!!

  • Samantha Young 5 years ago

    YOUR SO BEAUTIFUL…GAH I CANT EVEN… 🙂 cant wait to try this look for
    date night :)

  • Blanca Molina 5 years ago

    Love darker hair on you Kayleigh (: beautiful look! 

  • RamblingsnGrace 5 years ago

    Very pretty look Kayleigh! And love that its drugstore! :)

  • erika flores flores 5 years ago

    I am a newby to make up, can you make a video about the common mistakes
    related to make up that girls/women make?