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WATCH IN HD FOR FULL EFFECT AND DETAIL ON BEA’S MAKEUP TUTORIAL. a makeup tutorial for the 2013 boxxy valentines day video: FOAR BOIS FRUM BOXXY i filmed this right before i filmed the boxxy video. share this with the people who still think i’m not the… Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Ms.BeautyRoyalty 4 years ago

    You have a great personality! I also do beauty videos

  • yeffrr 4 years ago

    Looks good

  • Oyinka O. 4 years ago

    Couldn’t stop laughing

  • Augustina Leung 4 years ago

    can’t believe i watched the whole video :p
    bea you hilarious

  • Nicholas Manglallan 4 years ago


  • Austin Duffield 4 years ago

    I followed this to the letter and I look nothing like Boxxy. Fake.

  • Osho SArAF 4 years ago

    did she just say “The first time I fart” at 0:49

  • Nicolás Sabogal 4 years ago


  • Tia L 4 years ago

    Would wearing my eyeliner like that regularly be weird? I don’t mean the
    eyeshadow. Just the eyeliner. Idk. It seems cute. Maybe thinner lines
    but..yeah. Would that be like..too much?

  • Sanel Vella 4 years ago

    It is normal to fall in love for Boxxy? (really, i’d love a girlfriend like

  • Aidrean Carter 4 years ago

    I am beyond confused! >.< I haven't watched a Boxxy video in about a year, maybe longer and I watched the video where she said ANewHopeee isn't her account, but you look EXACTLY like her... and...I...AAAHHHHHH!!!! My brain hurts >.< (Please don't be mean, I am very easily confused)

  • MattV2099: Guns & Food 4 years ago

    oh yeah. my favorite make up tutorial.

  • ben tailes 4 years ago

    She looks really like singer Lights! Did someone organize that??

  • Susana Garcia 4 years ago

    I find her so freaking cute you don’t even know ugh <3 

  • brandon curiel 4 years ago

    idk y but i fell like u need a big bright bow XD

  • Lina NAJIB 4 years ago

    She’s really cute, but I hate her make up. 

  • Bartek Owczarek 4 years ago

    0:04 my fav part

  • HRHooChicken 4 years ago

    Gah. She is Boxxy, Boxxy is her. Boxxy isn’t an act, or at least it
    shouldn’t be. 

  • Richard Wachtel 4 years ago

    I love the fact that trolls are saying Catie looks like Boxxy. Everytime i
    read one of those comments, i say “DUH!” So loud and hard, i have a
    miniature seizure.

    If you aren’t a troll, and you seriously think Boxxy is someone else, you
    are profoundly stupid, and I hereby revoke your internet usage privileges,
    until 2022, because while stupidity is tolerated on the internet, the level
    that you show cannot, and will not be tolerated. Such stupidity literally
    makes me sick.

  • λlvaro AkA Lawliet 4 years ago


  • Saii158 4 years ago

    Why would you even pretend to be someone else? well. I guess that it´s a

  • SnowboarderGeek 4 years ago

    Damn I’m glad to be a man. lol

  • xxuncexx 4 years ago

    I am Boxxy you see, you see, youu seee.
    This is my only account and it’s Boxxybabee with 2 e’s
    Song so catchy

  • Skylar Skeleton 4 years ago

    why does eye makeup scare me and look good to me?

  • RockyVs Games 4 years ago


  • JON MORGAN 4 years ago

    Okay…okay just three words BOXXY IS AWSOME

  • The Random 4 years ago

    The only thing I think is wrong is the bottom of the eye. The original
    Boxxy had black eyeliner all around the eyes and didn’t leave the bottom

  • ♥MissPeppermint♥ 4 years ago

    I’m sorry but that doesn’t look like Boxxy at all. (Ik its the same girl I
    mean the makeup)

  • Elisabet Aga 4 years ago

    Refreshing , Actually!!!!

  • bobi966 4 years ago

    that girl is fine she is her self she not letting anyone change her
    attitude i like her style !