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READ BEFORE YOU ASK PLEASE 🙂 ☟☟☟ ◊◊◊ PRODUCTS MENTIONED: Simple Moisturizer (with spf) Fresh. Umbrian Clay Mattifying Primer Garnier BB Cream (oily to combo… READ BEFORE YOU ASK PLEASE 🙂 ☟☟☟ ◊◊◊ PRODUCTS USED: update later! 🙂 ♥If you’re in need of amazing makeup brushes (that I highly recommend), check out Sigma… Video Rating: 4 / 5




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  • Laurenx 5 years ago

    If you like these videos i have one on my channel go check it out 

  • LegallyBrunettte 5 years ago

    I think I missed it 🙁 what shade did she use in the BBcream? (If there are
    even shades lol)

  • Peach Tha 5 years ago

    I heard Glad You Came by The Wanted in the background lol

  • Trii angleh 5 years ago

    I love you <:

  • littlmissmegan 5 years ago

    ur brows are so perfect!

  • taytortot 5 years ago

    I love bold brows too, they look amazing on you!

  • Breana Nicole 5 years ago

    Less FFWD so we can see what you’re doing is helpful 🙂 Or just slow it
    down some.

  • Caitlyn Koerner 5 years ago

    Oh my god this video is great, and funny. You have a new subscriber :)

  • Vanessa Rose 5 years ago

    you’re even pretty without makeup ! you don’t see that often *thumbs up*

  • CaliClaire 5 years ago

    What is the eyeliner you use for your top water line???

  • Madyson Zadorozny 5 years ago

    what nail polish is that?

  • Alyssa Matheson 5 years ago

    Don’t curl your lashes after mascara they will crack off

  • Sarah L 5 years ago

    You’re so pretty!

  • Amy Burke 5 years ago

    Ah I love this look, you’re so good at doing your makeup!

  • Kristen Julia 5 years ago

    Where did you buy the moisturizer from??

  • missStrawberrykawaii 5 years ago

    really like this video! the makeup was so pretty! I wouldn’t normally watch
    the whole makeup video if it was this long but I really like your video x 

  • Meghan Blake 5 years ago

    make a summer vlog channel PLLLEEEAAASSSEEE!!!!!

  • Marie Howlett 5 years ago

    Yes ratchet is still cool

  • Metal and Makeup 5 years ago

    I love this! I did a summer look if anyone cares to see as well. Thank you

  • jeanette bailey 5 years ago

    i definitely have a “good brow” and a “not as good brow” as well. not sure
    anyone else really notices though! :)

  • Michell Ramirez 5 years ago

    you’re soo prettyy. ♡ 

  • Paige Washbrook 5 years ago

    How come you didn’t put powder on your nose?

  • Jessica ODonnell 5 years ago

    You’re really pretty! How old are you?

  • GretaLollipop 5 years ago

    you wear definitely too much make-up
    (for summer)

  • Karina Aponte 5 years ago

    I’m a beginner for applying make up, and I have to say this talk through
    was very helpful for me. Just a lot of procedures but ill keep it simple
    for me since I am learning and wanted some summerey ideas.

  • KISSANERDAJ 5 years ago

    you are so beautiful!

  • 0NailPolishFreak0 5 years ago

    I love this makeup look >_<

  • Andrea Wood 5 years ago

    Beautiful 🙂 what kinda lizards do you have? My son who’s 9 has a bearded
    dragon. I know all to well that cricket sound :)

  • aronk001 5 years ago

    “PRODUCTS USED: update later!”?? it’s been months

  • itsEmzie 5 years ago

    I just did this on my channel :)x

  • Jenna Leigh 5 years ago

    I absolutely love this look!! Although you should just call it natural
    makeup, because it’s not exactly minimal with the amount of products you
    used. And btw you are freaking GORGEOUS

  • Guadalupe Ramirez 5 years ago

    what does ocd mean

  • Elisa Wood 5 years ago

    Does anyone know a good tightline eyeliner that doesn’t rub off onto your

  • Hannah Phillips 5 years ago

    You look like Julianne Hough

  • TheLifeAndTimesofBekah 5 years ago

    your makeup tutorials are literally my favourite! 

  • Apryl Connors 5 years ago

    I always use the natural look! I would like to use concealer under and
    around the eyes, but I’m concerned about setting in fine lines and make
    myself look older. I’m hoping I can find something that doesn’t do that.

  • LOVING SHAKUR 5 years ago

    you kinda look like Jenna Marbles

  • Danke Schoen 5 years ago

    You’re so beautiful! I wish I had blue eyes <3

  • Lexi Hay 5 years ago

    can you add the products used please?
    BTW… I love your talk-through videos so much better than the zoom fast
    videos. Thank you!!

  • MiSSBRiMARiEE 5 years ago

    I love when you “sing-talk” haha!

  • Morten de Nully 5 years ago

    So beautiful. wauwsa!

  • MegaEpicface123 5 years ago

    I wouldn’t wear any if I were you. You’re stunning omg 

  • Julee Myers 5 years ago

    It’s funny how this is suppose to be the “in a rush” look and your
    battery’s dying so you have to actually be in a rush….. Ha? Ha. 

  • vanessa pagan 5 years ago

    You are so beautiful and so sweet

  • Keanna Cree 5 years ago

    your name thou.

  • CookieMonsterNerd1 5 years ago

    Your halious and pretty thank u

  • Audrey Godin 5 years ago

    love it xx

  • Jordan Symone' 5 years ago

    alot of products she used just to go to the mall

  • PurpleLemonJuice 5 years ago

    I loved this so much. Best natural make up video ever. 

  • missyasb 5 years ago