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Get SKINNY DIP pigment now! In this “PRO MAKEUP TUTORIAL FOR BEGINNERS” going to show you how to achieve a m…

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  • stillGLAMORUS 5 years ago

    New video is now up <3 Budge Proof: Club Makeup ♡ Get ready with me!

  • V Cor 5 years ago

    Omg I am like in love with your eyes and hair

  • Melanie Sauriol 5 years ago

    Where did you get the brush you used to contour your cheeks and face?
    Please let me know cause I’ve been looking for one like that for a very
    long time and can not find one anywhere! Help Please! ;)

  • 889DarkAngel888 5 years ago

    She looks a little like Jennifer lawrence too.

  • halfcrazy 5 years ago

    whats the title of the background music?

  • Teisha Lee 5 years ago

    Such a beautiful look and I loved the editing 🙂 

  • Kandice Stehlik 5 years ago

    step #1. Be naturally pretty without makeup.

  • Kimikou Rhaei 5 years ago

    tht lipstick looks so natural

  • tasha badd 5 years ago

    you have pretty eyes (:

  • ody reyes 5 years ago

    Wow …beautiful. 

  • 30plussome 5 years ago

    Soooo pretty!! Loved this!

  • Shani Grimmond 5 years ago

    love this! i would love if you could check out my new beauty videos :)

  • aleidacastroxo | Makeup 5 years ago

    Love ur hair like this.
    I make beauty videos too. I would love for u to check them out

  • Kathrine Berg 5 years ago

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  • WannaBMommy2B 5 years ago

    So pretty! Love it!

  • QueenLeilani 5 years ago

    I forgot that we have the same birthday! Happy belated birthday my Aquarius
    friend. =) 

  • Jarrod Clark 5 years ago

    I love to motivate, encourage and provide inspiration. Check out my
    motivational videos for inspiration. Please Subscribe!!! :)

  • Kayla Melendez 5 years ago

    You look like Kylie Jenner

  • girlcanpaint 5 years ago

    Love the look, and love the short hair it looks great. People always think
    they nee long hair to do more styles I think it’s the opposite :))

  • Jasmine Hana 5 years ago

    You are so gorgeous :)

  • georgia georgiana 5 years ago

    I just find your videos. You are so sweet and i like how you do an make-up
    tutorial. You are natural and cool. Thank you for share your time with us.
    Hope you understand me. I have some problems with the english language. 

  • LittleMeProductions 5 years ago

    omfg you could be kylie jenner’s twin, or khloe at some angles it’s freaky

  • luvmesomedmbg 5 years ago

    okay..can we just talk about how frickn gorgeous your eye lashes are! After
    u did the mascara, I was a lil’ peeved that u didn’t let us see you put ur
    falsies on!! I would have swore they were falsies, just by their length
    alone!!! Not to mention the volume! My Gosh they’re soooo gorgeous!

  • Beautiful! 

  • TheMarmite09 5 years ago

    you’re way to gorgeous