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Foundation Routine – How To To Combat Oily Skin!! Products Used: Neutroegna Shine Control Rice Primer:… Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • SarahJane 5 years ago

    I seriously talk to my cat the exact same way!! hahaha

  • hanhatanh 5 years ago

    i wonder if you apply the product after touching the cat? It’s not

  • jjbeanie12 5 years ago

    I love you and all your videos but it’s probably not a good idea to touch
    your cat and then touch your face. 

  • Saz730 5 years ago

    My skin is oily and dry at the same time… in the same places, so it’s not
    combination skin. It has that rough texture that dry skin has but when I
    run my fingers over it it feels greasy. I don’t understand :/ Does anybody
    else have this? I have acne too.

  • J. Bertilsson 5 years ago

    I also used to be super oily but my skin totally changed when I stopped
    using all these combat oil products, heavy make up and instead shifted
    towards other alternatives. Like I don’t even need bloating paper, or a
    special foundation to make it look non oily a full day! If you are
    interested how I did this, I suggest you buy yourself some high quality,
    pure oils (non blend) that is organic and unheated for acne prone skin. For
    example: Moringa oil or Camellia oil. use these every day with hot water,
    and a muslin cloth. Rub the oil into your make up to make it fall off,
    rinse with water and repeat. Use the muslin cloth to swipe your face clean.
    Change cloth every day and wash it at 60 degrees in the machine. Use a
    natural foundation like RMS beauty and if you get acne … wash your face
    with an anti bacterial soap the same as you would use before you get an
    operation done once a evening. Also use a cream like basiron ac then and
    then. If you get dry face, use a few drips off oil on your face as lotion.
    Switch to a natural shampoo and throw out those products as the ingredients
    inside can be causing your acne.

  • Philipp Boussard 5 years ago

    Hi +Cassandra Bankson, DiamondsAndHeels14 I had some real issues with acne
    as well. I also thought that I would never get rid of it – because
    seriously I tried everything. But then at some point I got rid of it. I
    have some advice I would like to share but first I will list all the
    products that I tried but didn’t really help me:
    – All the usual cleaning and peeling stuff offered by any brand such
    as Clearasil
    – Mechanical peeling (I used Brasivil – (a German product) basically it
    just peels with some sand-like grains and drys out your skin with some foam)
    – Chemical peeling (I used fruity acid in low to very high concentrations
    (up to 48%) – It was a recommendation by my dermatologist
    – Enzyme peeling (I used several brands – only one that helped a little was
    – Anti-acne bleaching gel (based on benzoyl peroxide)
    – Gel to dry out the skin (based on adapalene and erythromycin)
    Aknenormin (an actual pill you take to get in control of the acne – AND TO
    ANYONE WHO IS CONSIDERING TO TAKE AKNENORMIN (or any other pill based on
    Isotretinoin) DON’T! It is actually very dangerous and has a lot of
    side-effects => I still got high blood pressure and the liquid balance
    within my body was never recovered!)
    – Acupuncture (which made it even worse :D)

    So these are all options I tried that didn’t work for me – that doesn’t
    mean they won’t work for you – but still for me none of them worked :-/ So
    now what actually worked:
    1.Eating more healthy and drinking more water – a very basic approach but
    it truly helps 😉
    2.Sun light (girls should probably remove their make-up first)
    3. Dark Angels + Coal Face (These products really are the first ones to
    actually help – They vitaminize the skin while taking away all oily parts
    without drying your skin out.)

    Advice for over-ambitious girls:
    Sometimes less treatment is better than too much treatment – If you are
    constantly applying various chemicals to your skin – it won’t get better.
    Give your skin time to react to the treatment.
    Also try – just for a month (preferably summer month) – not to wear make-up
    at all. Trust me the results of actually taking care of your skin instead
    of plastering it are so good that you won’t even need make-up anymore 😉

    For the scarf removal:
    SCARF REMOVAL – otherwise it will break out again. WHEN YOU ARE USING DERMA
    SUN BATH !!!
    2. Sun light – really helps to bleach the skin and to get a spotless tan
    (of course it will take several months) 

  • Sierra Burgess 5 years ago

    Your ssoo pretty! And your acne is getting so much better! My acne just
    started getting bad
    Its on my forehead, upper cheeks, chin and nose. Its not cystic acne it is
    just inflamed, red small bumps all over the areas I have mentioned. Any
    tips? I am eating a clean diet with lots of water. Washing my face 2 times
    a day with the clarisonic and spectro gel cleanser and following up with
    benzaclin gel at. Night and moisturizer….HELP

  • Sharstar MUA 5 years ago

    U have much sharper face before the make up, which i call glamour. I love
    ur morphology, and i live working on someone with facial structure like
    yours which is super hard to find in Indonesia where i live!!

  • Michelle Artimez 5 years ago

    wow that’s a LOT of primer! You don’t need that much! It may feel like you
    do esp if you’re trying to cover and fill your scarring, but you really
    dont. That’s a great primer btw, nice choice! 

  • Madison Shepard 5 years ago

    Honestly, you are the ONLY youtuber that has the perfect skin identical to
    mine. I suffer from acne (both surface and deep under the skin acne/cysts),
    I suffer terribly from redness, and HORRIBLY from Oil! I am a TRUE Oily
    Monster!! I’m so lucky I found you becaus with your easily prone-acne skin,
    I can trust the products you are using to not screw your skin up (: 

  • LindsayTxoxo 5 years ago

    Just wondering why you don’t look for non-comenogetic (sp?) options. The
    first thing my mother ever taught me when I was young with acne was to
    airways find a powder that said non-comenogetic. Thanks!

  • RJ Uriarte 5 years ago

    What i have noticed is that when anyone wears foundation and powder it
    looks cakey how do you stop making it look like its a second .layer of

  • cat jones 5 years ago

    i wish i could be your friend wed be like bffs not to sound like a stalker
    or anything lol

  • rainicornicopia 777 5 years ago

    Hey Cassandra, i have a question about modeling. I am 13 and 5’3, and my
    predicted height is 5’6. I’ve done a lot of researching for 2 years and i
    know its hard work but i want to become a runway model. I’ve been
    practicing a model walk as well as asking my sister to take photos of me
    and help me figure out poses that will make me seem taller. I was thinking
    about doing some yoga to see if it could make me taller. Do you think I
    could become a shorter runway model when i am older? Thank you.

  • Barbara Connolly 5 years ago

    Your skin is looking much better at the moment, hope it continues for you.

  • LotsOfZebras 5 years ago

    The hourglass immaculate foundation is horrible!!!! It does not give any
    coverage, instead looks cakey!! Am I applying it wrong????

  • Cassandra Bankson, DiamondsAndHeels14 5 years ago

    Oily Skin Foundation Routine (How To Cover Acne & Combat Oil – Natural
    Coverage Tutorial!)

  • Kayla Michelle 5 years ago

    I have crazy acne on my neck, cystic acne on my actual neck. I’ve tried
    everything to prevent it but I’m constantly still getting it. Any

  • miranda heath 5 years ago

    Are you still dairy free? 

  • Katrina Esquivel 5 years ago

    Your so beautiful and your skin is clearing up so nicely!! 🙂 But does
    anyone have any tips to make my foundation look natural and non cakey?? I
    have tried so many different techniques and i still look super cakey! Im
    open to suggestions can someone help me??

  • Choua Yang 5 years ago

    Hello Cassandra(sorry if i spelled your name wrong) my husband is 25 years
    old and he has been dealing with acne for a while now do you have an advice
    or recommendations on what to use so it would clear his acne up. I think
    his sebum are trapping the oil inside and thats how it cause bacteria and
    then they turn into white heads and turns into small white pimple..please
    help I want to help him out thanks sooo much!!!!!

  • Lisa limon 5 years ago

    Cassandra you love animals so why are you using products that does animal
    testing ?

  • BriaRoseSax 5 years ago

    Is it true that people with oily skin don’t age with wrinkles as soon as
    people with normal or dry skin? I heard that, but I’m not sure if it’s

  • Sharonda Tutson 5 years ago

    your skin looks great!

  • beautylove46 5 years ago

    You might also be getting acne from touching your face to your cat and/or
    touching your cat and then touching your face RIGHT after without washing
    your hands