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INSTAGRAM: @beautybybinny FACEBOOK: BeautyByBinny Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more videos =) XOXO PRODUCTS USED: EYES: OFRA Cosmetics Gel Eye Primer, Eyesh… Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Olenka H 5 years ago

    Ahhh thank you dear!! We asked for day’s makeup 🙂
    Very beautiful – i try to learn counturing by your vids Binny :-)

  • sheena9090 5 years ago

    What’s the kryolan wheel no.? Thank you Binny 🙂 

  • Mina Ralc 5 years ago

    could you please please please please please add the contact lenses you
    wear in your videos in the description boxes? it would be really helpful.
    Thank you.. Great tutorial btw :)

  • rubycupcakes12 5 years ago

    Hey where are your contacts from.. Loved the tutorial x

  • sunlightwomen 5 years ago

    this photo with the blue eyes , bomb :)

  • Anna Marie 5 years ago

    You are very talented! beautiful!!

  • ania0ania 5 years ago

    Omgggg THIS Is like the most beautiful and gorgeous and perfect and wow
    makeup look!!!! Thanks binny this is amaaaazing. YOU look amazing

  • setara41 5 years ago

    From which brand are your contact lenses??? You never told that 

  • AbbyRoyLive 5 years ago

    Binny, your methods are just flawless!!! Love the final look. You look
    super pretty

  • MissExpressive 5 years ago

    Really!!! The best tutorial i have ever seen!

  • Keilah Williams 5 years ago

    Ur stunning!!!!!

  • Snitchich 5 years ago

    Ur so pretty! U look so sweet even without makeup 🙂 

  • Antesmrtaquesensilla 5 years ago

    Hi i invite you to mychannel please

  • learnwithminette 5 years ago

    Absolutely love your techniques! I need that foundation wheel!!! 

  • Fabiola Batres 5 years ago

    Really nice.. A little to dark dough…. 

  • Binny Khan 5 years ago

    INSTAGRAM: @beautybybinny FACEBOOK: BeautyByBinny

    Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more videos =) XOXO


    EYES: OFRA Cosmetics Gel Eye Primer, Eyeshadow Palette, MAC Spiked eyebrow
    pencil, LA Girl Cosmetics liner pen, Red Cherry lashes #747, Duo Lash
    Adhesive clear, MAC Feline eye pencil, Loreal Voluminous Mascara.

    FACE: Kryolan Dermacolor concealer wheel, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in By
    Candlelight, Ben Nye Banana Powder, Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder in
    Beige, Contour Powder (no name), MAC blush Pink Swoon, NYX blush Peach.

    LIPS: Kryolan Dermacolor concealer wheel, Feyoshe Cosmetics lipstick It’s A

    OFRA Cosmetics:




    – Song: Royalty Free Ellie Goulding Starry Eyed Dexcell Remix
    – YouTube:
    – MediaFire:

  • Ree Soo 5 years ago

    What do n u use to remove all that make up?

  • Paula Moore 5 years ago

    Hello Binnie, I just saw your tutorial for the first time. I love the way
    you show how to contour. I am
    a makeup artist in South Africa. Today I did an Indian engagement makeup. I
    subscribed now. Thank you so much

  • sheena9090 5 years ago

    Love! More videos please 🙂 

  • zafire85 5 years ago


  • Nazih09 5 years ago

    you’re gorgeous with and without makeup!! Skin care routine please :)

  • Anumeet Kaur 5 years ago

    which shade of banana powder is this.. 

  • T Naz 5 years ago

    Love your make up looks can you do a updated foundation routine

  • Aziza Alnabhan 5 years ago

    Wow!! It’s been so long!,, so happy for this new video

  • John Smith 5 years ago

    Gurl u pretty!