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Anti aging products and natural, glowing makeup tutorial for mature skin. Look great and younger. Video Rating: 0 / 5 Watch DD from dedra beauty as she demos a makeup application for more mature skin.

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  • Audrey Hampton 5 years ago
  • dedra whitt 5 years ago

    This one cuts out. Watch the one published after for full version. Thank
    you for watching!!

  • Monica Herrera 5 years ago

    Dedra which eye shadow brush brand is the one you just used please advice
    thanks much love xo

  • GladRags 5 years ago

    Thanks Dedra this was great I will try out all you tips. 

  • Meaghan B 5 years ago

    Great video thank you! I recently started doing freelance makeup and while
    I love the beauty blender for myself I have been hesitant to use it on
    clients as I don’t always feel like it gets as clean as I want and for
    sanitary reasons I feel like I would need to use a new one for each client.
    If you use them for clients do you use a new one each time? Thanks!

  • Vienna Taylor 5 years ago

    Thank you! Love the toilet seat cover as blotting paper!