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  • frances dahren 5 years ago

    You talk a lot. Just give us review.

  • maremacd 5 years ago

    What lipstick are you wearing?

  • MusicManiaacify 5 years ago

    Would this work for pale and dry skin?

  • fuzzybutton22 5 years ago

    Can you stop waving it and show us how the powder looks like!!!!

  • Cynthia Gonzalez 5 years ago

    Hello! I couldn’t find a darker shade for me of this powder.. So I bought
    this powder in the shade sand which is to light for me how can I use it??

  • lauryngal20 5 years ago

    what shade of this did you use?

  • Adrienne Linley 5 years ago

    Ive never been too impressed with physicians formula products
    unfortunatley…but i’m gunna try this powder foundation and i really hope
    i like it!!

  • Grace Gunawan 5 years ago

    Is this the “airbrushing” or “correcting”? It turns out there are 2 types
    of this powder. Please reply! Thank you :))

  • Nikita Patel 5 years ago

    You should check out palladio herbal wet n dry foundation. You might like
    it. You can find it at ulta. It’s onl $ 10.99. Poor shade collection but
    you might find ours as i hve a yellow skintone like u as well. You should
    try it. You might like it 🙂 i am going to try this foundation. I breakout
    easily from liquid foundations.

  • MissKawaiiGurl 5 years ago

    Can you use a beauty blender?? 

  • aleidacpa 5 years ago

    Love this powder! Months ago purchase one…for $12.99 and one week
    ago…on cleareance…$3.75!!

  • doris rodriguez 5 years ago

    Hi… I am so happy with this powder. It is awesome value. I compared it
    along side with Mac MSF . There was no difference but the price tag LOL
    !!!! Thanks so much for this review. Had to subscribe girl ;)

  • Toma Karaleviciute 5 years ago

    You’re eyebrows are perfect!

  • xEm_0308x 5 years ago

    I really like this powder, unfortunately all the shades run pinky-peach
    toned and my skin is yellow toned. I have to bring it all down my neck and
    chest to make me one color.

  • Anascissors 5 years ago

    Which shade are you using? I’ll subscribe in hope of getting the answer
    faster. :)

  • cawwaller 5 years ago

    I love this product. Most of physicians formula’s products are amazing.

  • Francesca Cooke 5 years ago

    I’ve been trying to find a great ‘POWDER FOUNDATION’ Have to try this out.

  • Marie xo 5 years ago

    Powder foundation 🙂 <3

  • K. Shari 5 years ago

    Never tried a powder foundation, but definitely gonna try one now!

  • 05Sileyram30 5 years ago

    Me encantan tus videos! Gracias por la informacion 😉

  • Ivan Milovanovic 5 years ago

    Anybody can end up getting acne breakouts. My own mature brother had acne
    as severely as his young boy. Both were able to cure themselves the moment
    they uncovered the Acne Executioner (Google it). Lots of people will never
    be as lucky as them however look it over if you like.

  • xLittleDevochkax 5 years ago

    Lol, look in the description bar.

  • Sidney s.o. 5 years ago

    Powder foundation

  • MexicanButterfly713 5 years ago

    I like how you explain what you like about the product, but what I don’t
    like is that you don’t demonstrate the difference it makes when you apply
    it on.

  • Sparkled Tia 5 years ago

    I use covergirl sensitive powder which is concealer plus foundation on one