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my review of naturale’ beauty mineral makeup. I was not paid for my opinion!!!!!! I just love this product. Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  • Sanja Jurić 4 years ago

    Hvala lijepa na tom tutorialu, na internetu ima premalo snimaka za zrele

  • karissa andrrea 4 years ago

    moze li se znat koliko otprilike gospođa u videu ima godina?? ja i kolegica
    se nikako nemozemo slozit u broju :)

  • ThePSara 4 years ago

    Jako dobro! :D

  • Daca GS 4 years ago

    Divno SOfija! SVake godine nose nesto svoje. Sutra isprobavam na sveky :D

  • mrsstrange86 4 years ago

    I’m still trying to figure out lighting 😀

  • emacyshyn 4 years ago

    I got the set for fair skin awhile ago, and the blush I got was a really
    beautiful matte peach color. I think it was just called “peachy”. Do you
    know the name for the one you got?

  • Brenda Locklin 4 years ago

    Your video would have been ok, if you had turned the lights off in the bac

  • Brenda Locklin 4 years ago

    And the light in front of you.