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For many of us, dark circles under the eyes are the one spot on our face that we really want to conceal. Learn how to apply makeup for covering dark circles … Makeup can help make dark circles under your eyes disappear. Cover your own dark eye circles with makeup with help from a cosmetics industry expert in this f…

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  • MisakiShawol 5 years ago


  • steffylvmk89 5 years ago

    this girl ain’t got nothing to cover what is that !! pointless video

  • Stephanie Lewis 5 years ago

    The models used in this video are just that …MODELS!!! There skin is perfect to start with. It would be more effective to work with women who actually have Dark circles under the eye.

  • yeayea04 5 years ago

    Jessica is a 100% certified cutie!!

  • starfab7 5 years ago

    This is a rubbish and pointless video.

  • ryan tyler 5 years ago

    if your medium dark women what do you suggest to cover the dark circles with ??

  • Coretta John 5 years ago

    Beautiful!!! I am going crazy with my dark circles…Thanks for posting. 🙂

  • junikristina 5 years ago

    Those models have great skin. I have red pimples, very purle undereyes and more. You don’t expain methods to cover etc. I many videos the makeup artist just say: this is how I do it, and they just apply it normal. To really show that these ‘methods’ works, try work on a skintypes with more inperfections then the models in your videos have…it’s kinda annoying.