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Want to get rid of under eye bags? Learn tips for using concealer to mask your eye bags in this free makeup clip. Expert: Nordia Cameron Contact: www.fancyfa… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Check out Bas Rutten’s Liver Shot on MMA Surge: Davee Troublefield from http://www.dav… Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  • IZionDawta 5 years ago

    Why does the videographer keep going out for wide shots if it’s a concealer tut? Great tips though.

  • Linzee1998 5 years ago

    Was this filmed with concealer too?

  • MichiSWAG 5 years ago

    Well, Hello there NO Idea

  • Sally Cutie 5 years ago

    horrible photographer. good video otherwise.

  • softsneakers 5 years ago


  • ngtube100 5 years ago

    video quality was bad…too far from the face

  • xSexbombSuzukix 5 years ago

    Hello No idea.

  • gogoutube 5 years ago


  • gypsijewel 5 years ago

    unfortunately all her videos has terrible lighting and the camera is always a million miles away. bad planning

  • PurpleGlitter113 5 years ago

    It’s not ‘no idea.’ it’s nordia..says it in the discription..

  • peckgia777 5 years ago

    ” Hi, my name is no idea.” lol

  • MichealJm3luv 5 years ago

    this is helpfil. thankyou ! . but did she say her name was NO IDEA?

  • OBEY Shaebunney 5 years ago

    @ILOVEMYDOG – most likely Jamaica..

  • godsend171 5 years ago

    while she does have very ummm…. healthy breasts, i do have to say she is very pretty. don’t know why i felt like i had to tell the world though

  • Haughty Neville 5 years ago


  • msnywoman23 5 years ago

    too complicated. i dont like this detail

  • mymelodybelle 5 years ago

    ..why dident they show a closse up of the face.. 🙁 couldent c properly

  • dap772 5 years ago

    i’m from jamaica and she sounds pretty jamaican to me

  • dap772 5 years ago

    her name is nordia…that name is common in jamaica, which judging by her accent is where she’s from.

  • Ms199414 5 years ago

    @faemdoll38 if you dont have anything nice to say you shouldnt say anything at all and people who talk about others usually have low self esteem so i hope that what you said really did make you feel better about urself if not maybe you should consider some counseling

  • farmdoll38 5 years ago

    All of you who poo poo the people trying to help you look better and feel better about yourself should just not even watch these and CONTINUE BEING UGLY!

  • farmdoll38 5 years ago


  • hettee 5 years ago

    way to check on a 3 week old comment u fuck

  • wetdream09 5 years ago

    hey, good lookin thanks! =)

  • farmdoll38 5 years ago

    way to Check on a 4 week old comment! You still read it did’nt you!