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  • MariaHernandezX3 5 years ago

    Should have set your foundation, it looked too oily 

  • Justine Dureault 5 years ago

    Try using a beauty blender. 

  • Brooke Moore 5 years ago

    You can get a super cheap beauty blender at TJ Max (where I got mine) it
    works wonders!! Helps makes sure you don’t cake it on yet makes you look
    more fresh and natural :)) and you can keep reusing it too that’s what I
    like about it! Just sayin

  • Krisanne Emma 5 years ago

    So pretty!

  • Jlss16 5 years ago

    Your eyebrow colour was uneven

  • Myrah Hernandez 5 years ago

    Do you have any recommendations for a good foundation that helps control
    oily skin? 

  • yenci rodriguez 5 years ago

    Love it.. You should totally do hair videos too :-)

  • nina Hernandez 5 years ago

    What camera do u use ?

  • LoveePaquita 5 years ago

    love it!