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Easy heat less summer hairstyle that can be done under 10 minutes! FOLLOW ME BLOG- TWITTER…

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  • shweta shurpali 4 years ago

    You better call it braid …neither plat nor plate

  • Dawnmarie Makeupaddict_marie 4 years ago

    Love this look

  • Naaz karamathulla 4 years ago

    It looks so cute on you..def gonna try!


    New video!
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  • Divya Sawant 4 years ago

    I Wuv U so much!!! :*

  • Joyce Joy 4 years ago

    hello.. its really nice to watch u doing a serious face and all of a sudden
    you give your cute smile. chubby chweety cutipie!!! you remind me of my
    cousin sister with full of energy and smile. stay blessed..:)

  • YusraIsTooSassyForYou 4 years ago

    Hii!! How did u grow out your hair from shoulder length so fast?

  • thebudgetedcloset 4 years ago

    Which camera do you use Komal? Your video quality is always excellent!! :)

  • Shannon Murray 4 years ago

    Finally someone who has India hair exactly like mines 

  • naghma koussar syed 4 years ago

    It is looking so cute on you. Nice 

  • YusraIsTooSassyForYou 4 years ago

    A hair care routine would be great!!