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Here is one of my prom makeup ideas using cheap affordable makeup! AND its a chit chat 😉 I think its perfect for prom, a ball, party, girls night out…. Whatever! Thanks for watching, please… Here is a pretty easy smokey eye tutorial, that you can easily wear during the day or at night! Hope you all enjoy the look, leave any makeup request in the comments!! Makeup used in this… Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  • Shaaanxo 5 years ago

    New chit chat video!! Yay enjoy ❤️❤️❤️

  • Kezia Hughes 5 years ago

    I swear you can wear any kind of makeup & rock it.
    You literally suit EVERYTHING!
    Sooo happy you upload regularly so I have a different video to watch almost
    every day.. you’re quickly becoming my favourite beauty YouTuber :))))))

  • Shaaanxo 5 years ago
  • Madison Trivette 5 years ago

    This look is going to go perfectly with my dress. Thank you soo much!!

  • SuperCheryl1976 5 years ago


  • TillaTequila72 5 years ago

    If I could use one word to describe this beautiful makeup look, it would be
    “Ethereal”. You look like an Elf from Lord of the Rings series. The
    headpiece completes this look.

  • Teresa Benites 5 years ago

    I’m not a regular viewer, but I’ve stumbled upon you and many other beauty
    vlogs and I always mix you and Lauren Curtis up…ALL the time!

  • Keyandria Miller 5 years ago


  • MollyMachete 5 years ago

    omg this is gorgeous 

  • Tanya Krouse 5 years ago

    You’re gorgeous.

  • Christina Luise 5 years ago

    this is amazing!!! thanks x

  • Hilary Oglesby 5 years ago

    “beards aren’t cute for prom” I don’t know man, now it’s big eyebrows and
    dyed armpit hair, next it could be a nice soulpatch

  • Lexus Taiwhati 5 years ago

    Omg! I loooooove this look so so so much. I watch this all the time, I’m
    just obsessed x

  • Anastasia Khramova 5 years ago

    Very nice! I love it! 🙂 

  • Susie Reeves 5 years ago

    my dress for my school’s spring formal is lavender & cream and this looks
    AMAZING with it, thank you so much !

  • Chelsie Thomas 5 years ago

    Would live to see more drugstore tutorials from you!! You’re so talented. I
    love this look. 🙂 

  • Caitlyn Vurlow 5 years ago

    This make up look, amazing!
    For some reason every time I go through your videos this and your boho look
    are always the first ones I click on. You are absolutely stunning ♥

  • elvany pillay 5 years ago

    gonna wear this at my cousin’s engagement on sunday <3

  • Sierra Cheyenne 5 years ago

    Everything you know about makeup, did you learn it on your own? Or did you
    go to school for it?

  • Madyglitter 5 years ago

    so love your channel i just subscribed

  • Alix Evans 5 years ago

    so so gorgeous! wish I’d have done this for my prom!xo


    Literally my favourite look ever!

  • Alison Brinley 5 years ago

    I neeed these lashes!

  • Maia Maritza 5 years ago

    LOVE your makeup in this video girly! Also obsessing over your nails!! xo

  • teresaholly03 5 years ago

    love the lip color on you :-)

  • HeyGorgeousxxx 5 years ago

    I love this bright purple/pinkish lip on you beautiful 🙂 xx

  • Lindsey Rose 5 years ago

    I love the lip color on your lips, my lips are small and look weird with
    lip stick lol!!!

  • Sophie Lewis 5 years ago

    love the lip color! <3

  • LilyBeauty 5 years ago

    Love the gold on your lid! I love your blending skills! You are gorgeous!

  • savannahandstuff 5 years ago

    Love that lipcolor on you!

  • jamilaxaj 5 years ago

    Love the lipcolor!!! <3

  • LindaaMujerr 5 years ago

    shared ;D

  • SyddiBee 5 years ago

    Gorgeous! Loved this look, that lip color is super pretty on you! ♡

  • LindaaMujerr 5 years ago

    super cuteee burgundy look hun <33 . Your nails are gorg.
    xoxo Lindaa ;* 

  • RAFashionDI 5 years ago

    very cute!!

  • ellassecret 5 years ago

    beautiful tutorial 😀 you seem like a great gal 😀 i def subbed to you for
    more support <3 im a new youtuber and it would mean the world to me if you
    came to visit my channel and support me if you like it 🙂 thank you for
    your time and keep on doping your thing girl 😀 xx

  • AmericanAmigo 5 years ago

    Love the lip color <3

  • Davita Marie 5 years ago

    Love this look girl!
    Beautiful <3 

  • StayBeautiful119 5 years ago
  • Katherine Rose 5 years ago

    Great video! I also have just uploaded a makeup tutorial on my channel, I
    would love it if you could check it out xx

  • Kyra Pennington 5 years ago

    this is stunning girl!! x

  • Mint Brunette Beauty Channel 5 years ago

    the lip color you used is so stunning on you girl! :)

  • MyNameIsRosie 5 years ago

    Great video! You’re so pretty, I’ve just subbed! Love it if you subscribed
    back <3

  • Caitlyn Kreklewich 5 years ago

    Amazing job hun!
    This is so beautiful and well done.
    Count me in as a new subscriber!
    I can’t wait to watch your channel grow!
    I have a channel too feel free to check it out, no pressure :)

  • IriS IriS 5 years ago

    hi!! first of all, i’ve to say that i’ve watched your channel and i love
    it. i was thinking too and I thought that you could do other kind of
    videos, some differents, for do something funny and special in your
    channel. particulary I was thinking that you could do it challenge videos.
    cause I’ve seen many youtubers that do these videos and it seems so
    awesome. and cause I thought you wont know how to start, and what challenge
    will be the first, I’ve been watching videos and thinking about it and I
    found some one interesting. maybe it’s a little crazy and stupid, but it’s
    a good one for start. the challenge basically is to take a shower fully
    clothed . but for do it funnier and maybe difficult it will have to be in
    party clothes. something for example like a dress, tights and heels, or
    maybe a skirt with a top and a pair of boots. as you want, but something
    fancy. and other thing you can do it too if you are able is to do it in
    cold water. It will be fun see your reaction when the cold water starts
    falling over you. and maybe you can do it other funny things as sing a
    song, cause everybody say that people sing their best songs under the
    shower, lol. Well that’s all. sry for write so long. tell me with your
    opinion pls. I hope you like it and decided to do it. Im waiting any
    answer. cheers!!!