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Back to school makeup using drugstore products! Please give the video a thumbs up if you liked it 🙂 Watch my August Favourites!: PRODUCTS USED: Zoeva foundation… Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Mairead Hudson 4 years ago

    Can someone explain to me what the point in powder is? I don’t understand
    what its for??

  • Erin Kelly 4 years ago

    Please tanya do another back to school makeup tutorial I love these

  • narnia knows best 4 years ago

    eyebrows are sisters not twins

  • Honey Noble 4 years ago

    Is anyone else here for a back to school look 2014 ?

  • Milly Davidson 4 years ago

    Yey ty so much! Im wearing this to skl all week!

  • Blue Ribbon01 4 years ago

    What’s the right age to start wearing makeup ? I’m 14 but I’m scared just
    incase people think I’m trying to grow up to fast! Also my friends wear
    makeup and my mum has bought me a lot of drugstore makeup but can someone
    give me advice pleasee <3

  • Aksangel _ 4 years ago

    I think its a bit too much as I go quite light on Makeup.. Could you do
    like “the most natural look” video or something? I need that, I think now
    that’s more appropriate for the people who are normal in school, not one of
    those gorgeous perfect popular ones (not saying anything bad about you,love

  • lifeasmiranda 4 years ago

    Is the loreal true match foundation light weight cuz I’m looking for a
    light weight foundation that keeps me semi matte and not heavy cuz every
    drugstore foundation is heavy on my skin

  • Wendy Bryant 4 years ago

    i love how she is so happy and joyful all the time.

  • Gabi Asuncion 4 years ago

    What is tanya’s shade in the concealer?

  • Ava Atkinson 4 years ago

    I want to wear makeup like this but my head teacher doesn’t allow any hair
    colour that isn’t natural, nail polish or ANY makeup. I still wear minimal
    makeup though haha

  • Mollie Smith 4 years ago

    Can u do an updated one

  • ella draper 4 years ago

    I think it is 2 much for high school 

  • Elouise waller 4 years ago

    Tan we aren’t aloud to wear red lip products, I would wear everything part
    the lip stuff xxx

  • Abi Ralph 4 years ago

    Love this look will definitely try it 

  • fenkinfe - 4 years ago

    My dark circles are so dark nothing conceals them. I have had them since
    birth. I’m looking into cosmetic solutions. :(

  • Chris Tatro 4 years ago

    If you was your face can you still get achne 

  • Gemma H 4 years ago

    I love this look! xxx

  • Lauren Pemberton 4 years ago

    How much did it all come up to x

  • Aoife Mc Guinness 4 years ago

    We’re not allowed makeup at my school, but I still wear an under eye
    concealer, a little bit of powder, clear mascara or waterproof mascara, a
    little bit of white eye-shadow in the corner of my eye (to make me look
    more awake) and a Revlon colourstay lip butter in sweet taste <3

  • Jennifer Morgan 4 years ago

    Your voice gets on my nerves but you’re very pretty and good at makeup
    couldn’t make it

  • Rebecca Ford 4 years ago

    this is my favourite video of yours ever!!xx

  • Kiera Dickinson 4 years ago

    Tanya Burr, u r absolutely gorgeous!

  • Kerissa Millthorpe 4 years ago
  • honor Faye 4 years ago

    Going to be wearing this to school tommorow it is so pretty and natural
    maybe not the foundation and eye shadow I’ll probably just wear some primer
    on my eyes to block out the veins bug it is really pretty