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Get tips on taking pictures in the bright sunlight. Here it is, the second video in my Prom Series. This video I focused on a full coverage, picture perfect, flawless foundation routine for prom that will be guaranteed to last all night! ♡… Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • escapethedailygrind 4 years ago

    Where is your fill flash “on” button? on a Canon?

  • Tori Sterling 4 years ago

    NEW VIDEO!!!!! A new installment of my Prom Series… Picture Perfect
    Foundation Routine

  • Denise Kim 4 years ago

    Omg this is perfect and what lip color are you wearing? It’s gorgeous!

  • Rivera321 4 years ago

    Watching even tho I won’t get asked to prom

  • Shinebright08 4 years ago

    does anyone know the song at the beginning? and beautiful makeup!

  • Lakeisha Sylvester 4 years ago

    Liked before watching! and i am using the rest of my battery to watch this!

  • Cupcakebooxx 4 years ago

    I’m so annoyed that proms aren’t that big in London since it looks like so
    much fun x

  • TheFishybuisness 4 years ago

    Your editing and makeup skills are amazing holy

  • LaxVogue08 4 years ago

    okay I could watch you do your makeup all day! I have no clue why but its
    so calming for some reason!!

  • Poppy Latona 4 years ago

    This is such a random question but where did u get ur cartilage earring

  • Jennifer Cheng 4 years ago

    Does she have a lisp?

  • samlollipop 4 years ago

    those lashes :(

  • Ellie Reidy 4 years ago

    What are proms like in America?? Wonder if it’s different from London 

  • Kiyanna Patrick 4 years ago

    Tori is queen !

  • Omg ily, your skin is flawless! <3

  • itstori27 4 years ago

    The idea of using your beauty blender for the setting powder is brilliant.

  • Emily Milobar 4 years ago

    Hope you get to online school next year!

  • Kaeli Lagerquist 4 years ago

    The Beauty blender sucks

  • Elise O'Brien 4 years ago

    Do an eye makeup tutorial of this look please

  • Selena Hernandez 4 years ago

    Youre so gorgeous literally goals 

  • Mary Caroline 4 years ago

    what mascara are you wearing?

  • kerricosmetics13 4 years ago

    My prom is this Saturday

  • Joey Cao 4 years ago

    Tori babe I love it when ur hair is brown:)

  • Safiya Ammar 4 years ago

    Your editing/videos and makeup are goalss

  • Krazybeauty 4 years ago

    I learned so much from this video thanks so much❤️ even though I’m not even
    in high school or going to prom anytime soon

  • Regina V. 4 years ago

    where can you find the palette at?