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Check out my new website: Twitter Subscribe to my personal/vlog channel! Shop! Facebook Palettes from BH Cosmetics: Products used: Urban Decay Primer Potion BH Cosmetics 28 Neutral Palette Brushes Used: MAC 239 MAC 219 MAC 217 MAC 227 MAC raven eye kohl L’oreal Telescopic Mascara Mayeblline blush in Sweet Cinnamon with MAC 129 brush MAC Fashion Scoop Cremesheen MAC Dupes for the shadow colors I used: Gesso, Crystal Avalanche Brule, Motif, Ricepaper Cranberry, Star Violet Sketch, Beauty Marked Nail Polish: OPI “You don’t know Jacques!” Elle Fowler Disclaimer: This video has been sponsored by MyLikes video. The palette sent for consideration. Everything else in this video was purchased by me. All opinions are my own and REGARDLESS of sponsorship it is a tutorial to benefit anyone who needs it. Video Rating: 4 / 5 Hi Everyone! This is a video about my favorite MAC eyeshadows for start a neutral palette. The names in order shown: Blanc Type Vanilla shroom brule soft brown saddle quarry charcoal brown copperplate coquette smut glamour check scene print carbon Thanks for watching! Happy Fashions, Elisa L’Amour New Pollution Designs Find me here: twitter: official blog: fashion blog:

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  • MissAG19 6 years ago

    Love your hair in this video!!

  • LovingMakeup123 6 years ago

    lov eyou and blair

  • Aranda941 6 years ago

    does n e 1 know wht dat pink think is at the end of her brush?ive seen on other peoples videos and always wonder wht it it apart of the brush?

  • coolsurfergirl121212 6 years ago

    Can you do a video teaching me/us how to put face powder an foundation. I can do eye makeup, but I can’t do my face makeup well, especially blush!! It’s my worst nightmare, thanks!!

  • currentlyautumn 6 years ago

    I am actually really new to makeup and skincare and just made a beginner channel for people like me. I loved your video and thought it was really really helpful! thanks for posting 🙂

  • a1ying 6 years ago

    Hey! what’s your nail color!!

  • 543hellokitty 6 years ago

    where the heck did u get ur ring?! it adorable!!!

  • shayandniggi 6 years ago

    Loved this video 🙂
    thanks !

  • jinju oh 6 years ago

    please teach blair your lighting… O__O

  • questionmark4U 6 years ago

    Btw, elle, when your “done” with your UDPP, cut it open at the base, trust me, your not done. 🙂 just wanted to spread the word.

  • simplysamxo 6 years ago

    THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! i just started wearing makeup 2 weeks ago! lol! even though i’ve been subscribed to you for almost 2 years 🙂

  • AmandaBell123 6 years ago

    Thanks Elle- this was very helpful!

  • curlyglam01 6 years ago

    heyyy just welcoming you to my channel 🙂 hope you get to check it out! mel xx

  • ashrut17 6 years ago

    I don’t have a primer. What brand would you recommend I use?

  • 13luckywishesgranted 6 years ago

    could you please do a review on this palette?

  • ashers06 6 years ago

    so maybe this is just me but your right eye seems more blue and the left is looking a bit green?

  • jenniexpark 6 years ago

    do i have to use mac brushes becasue i tried this and it didnt turn out like urs elle

  • jenniexpark 6 years ago

    its in the description box

  • jenniexpark 6 years ago

    i tried doing this and it didnt turn out right
    i even bought the pallete. would i have to u se the mac brushes.
    casue my crease at the outsied goes in a complet semi circle so whould i have to go on my bone? if that mad sense

  • Love4Snooki 6 years ago

    im pretty sure its “You Don’t Know Jacques” by OPI 🙂

  • sarasingslots 6 years ago

    I never know where to put my blush :/ and i always put too much on. any tips for blush?

  • sarasingslots 6 years ago

    I never know where to put my blush :/ and i always put too much on. any tips?

  • RomaLeigh 6 years ago

    Could you please do more looks with the neutral pallette! I just got it! 🙂

  • GlamorousMaqqie 6 years ago

    See, unlike you famous makeup artists and stuff.. people like me, who only have like.. one or 2 plain brushes.. & we can’t get the look that you have becuase our brushes arn’t really like yours, like expensive as crap mac. can you make a tutorial for like.. one original shape brush? btw: loveyourvideos

  • horseluver123100 6 years ago

    OMG I HAD THE SAME Q…lol i was just like omg i luv her nails lol

  • Funkyperfume 6 years ago

    Here a my love ES from mac
    Swiss chocolate
    Samoa Silk
    Soft brown
    Brown down
    I love them!!
    Many thanks for this video

  • ParisSunset 6 years ago

    Oops… Typos…

  • ParisSunset 6 years ago

    Really helpful! I love Soft Brown too; it’s like the perfect natural crease color… And i just ordered Scene. Wish I coukd order tge rest too!

  • TheSavoirFairey 6 years ago

    You’re incredible! I know you’re not doing videos anymore but I SO wish you were! Your color choices and descriptions are always spot on. We have very similar taste in colors so I always enjoy your reviews. I also love the fact that you don’t drone on about unrelated things and just stick to the point…that’s much appreciated. I wish you’d come back and hope that you’re doing well…wherever you are. Thanks for all the great videos! -:)

  • chlochlo448 6 years ago

    thanks this video was very helpful what do you think of the eyeshadow “malt” by mac?

  • sbgitana1 6 years ago

    My fav: MAC eyeshadow in Mystery

  • sbgitana1 6 years ago

    I love yoru channel: hope you post more videos soon.

  • sbgitana1 6 years ago

    me too: 2 of my fav colors: soft brown and quarry.

  • newpollutiondesigns 6 years ago

    No but that is a great idea! Thanks for all your comments and watching! I appreciate it 😀

  • sbgitana1 6 years ago

    Do you have a video for 15 MAC Eyeshadows Favorites (Color Palette) & Recommendations for Beginners

  • sbgitana1 6 years ago

    IF you had to choose 1 color for your skin type would it be Print OR scene ?

  • sbgitana1 6 years ago

    I SO agree with Matte squared!

  • sbgitana1 6 years ago

    Love this! we are using the same tru match color 🙂 hi from Santa Barbara Ca

  • newpollutiondesigns 6 years ago

    THANKS!!! I hope it was helpful :)

  • newpollutiondesigns 6 years ago

    THANK YOU!!! I appreciate you watching! 😀

  • nicolee1217 6 years ago

    i LOVE that you have matte eyeshadows in there! everyone usually has super shimmery ones so this is by far the best video on Mac eyeshadows I’ve seen 🙂

  • Kara Harb 6 years ago

    In my mac neutral palette, I have…. Saddle, Soft Brown, Charcoal brown, Shroom, Blanc Type, Espresso, Courdory, Brown Down, Swiss Chocolate, Gesso, Wood Winked, Soba, Carbon.. Hmm what else did I miss. But I LOVE saddle.

  • peachcupcake20 6 years ago

    awesome 🙂

  • newpollutiondesigns 6 years ago

    I think so! It’s always good to try new looks and I think the colors are neutral enough to work with each other. I’m going to have to try this combo with you 😀

  • peachcupcake20 6 years ago

    do you think i could use soft brown on the lid and quarry on the crease ?

  • newpollutiondesigns 6 years ago

    I love it too! Oh you’ve given me a great idea for a tutorial. Thanks 🙂

  • aussiechickedy 6 years ago

    i love scene! i never see anyone use it on youtube and it is so gorgeous!

  • newpollutiondesigns 6 years ago

    THANKS!!! I’m glad you like it 😀

  • mizzystina 6 years ago

    girrrlll you hit it out the park…. by far theee best neautral review everrrrr

  • newpollutiondesigns 6 years ago

    Oh I’m so happy I could help! Malt is a great color for paler skins! I think you made some great choices!!! Have fun with your new makeup and thanks for watching my video and taking the time to comment me back 🙂