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READ ME** I will be doing another look for people in middle school who wear makeup, this look will have even cheaper products. If you like to spend your money on makeup or just want… Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • meganA920 5 years ago

    how do you keep your face clear?

  • Emily Vg 5 years ago

    @merissalolawsome in some of canada its 7 to 8… :$

  • Kay Coco 5 years ago

    @farmgirl223 Yeah she did:)

  • Nimra Khwaja 5 years ago

    i really like this look 🙂 thanks for uploading <3

  • CuteNailPolish101 5 years ago

    what was the brand of the 4 brown/white colours you used?

  • Masa Hamwi 5 years ago

    i think your really really pretty lol no homo

  • nickjonaslover257 5 years ago

    love this look!

  • frozenheartsmelt15 5 years ago

    i think that this is a perfect back to school makeup loook, it’s simple and
    it doesnt look as if you’re trying to hard, this look says : I JUST LOOK

  • Allie Quint 5 years ago

    could you do this look using the E.L.F pro eyesadow palatte?

  • pinktot6 5 years ago

    hah you made your hair darker and teeth whiter and youue eyes a different
    color! i can tell!!!!!! haha i bet youuu used! i LOVEE thatt
    site!! itss soooooo easy to use too! and it makes pretty prettyy picturess!

  • 1994summertime 5 years ago

    I love this look! It is perfect for school! I was wondering where you got
    the lipstick that you were wearing in the video? I love that also!

  • camiethib 5 years ago

    ur really pretty! love the look, tryin it 4 school! i subbed(:

  • Emily Vg 5 years ago

    @emilyisbeastlycool 🙂

  • Sage Karison 5 years ago

    @TheRaindropz In canada it is grade 7 to 9

  • MarissaNichole 5 years ago

    @TheRaindropz 6-8

  • artqueen29 5 years ago

    Hey Courtney its Courtney and i was wondering where do you get your
    brushes? i cant find and anywhere! i look at like claires cvs walgreens
    rite aid and i cant find any. coastal scents are too expensive so maybe you
    should do a brush give a way(: i reallly wanna use this look for my first
    day of h.s. this year(:

  • beautypink02 5 years ago

    OMG tht picture at the begging is absolutely STUNNING!! u so soooo
    beautiful!!! btw great vid

  • basketchick1515 5 years ago

    @lisaxoxofashion that’s so cool! and I’m glad to hear that 🙂

  • Sarah Hassett 5 years ago

    Love the look Courtney! It’s a nice everyday look & you could also spice it
    up for a nice time look as well! =) Great video! Thankyou for posting!

  • xokarakaraxo 5 years ago

    why do u talk like you do? cuz ur a bitch. don’t say mean things to people
    because there is nothing wrong with courtney’s voice, its her camera

  • nblove785715 5 years ago

    The comment box is there for a reason so I think it is

  • basketchick1515 5 years ago

    @jessicaheartsmakeup cvs, walgreens, probably walmart too 🙂

  • fhsoccerchic 5 years ago

    if you have like a facebook or whatever the beginning pic should DEF be
    your profile pic….hahahaha gonna use the tutorial for my freshman year

  • Layla 5 years ago

    you remind me of a teacher..hahha(:

  • catclaire6 5 years ago

    Are the liquide/gel liner, worth buying? Thanks.