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Hey guys!! It is the dreaded back to school time!! Personally I love back to school videos! Hopefully this video will help you if you are looking for a new makeup look for school!! Comment… Video Rating: 5 / 5 Hey girlies! Remember to watch in HD. And… Here are five different makeup looks that any age can wear. It’s suitable for middle schoolers, high schoolers, and even people that like to wear…


College Students


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  • Alex Webster 4 years ago

    want to try this hair!

  • ashleybreinxo 4 years ago

    Love it!! Great job 🙂

  • Jennifer Ely 4 years ago

    Good luck in HS.

  • Lexi Cole 4 years ago

    Great video! Love your hair!

  • 1mikeydude1 4 years ago

    Love This Video!

  • GlitterandGlam14 4 years ago

    You have such pretty lashes!

  • Rebecca Neuefeind 4 years ago

    That’s my favorite mascara in the world 😀

  • allthingsbeauty07 4 years ago

    Gorgeous! I really love the 1st 3 looks(:

  • JSJ032 4 years ago

    Wow, thank you for adding all of the items in the info bar, that is a lot
    of work… Thank you … I appreciate it!

  • ThinkNPink101 4 years ago

    @JuneBubble It’s my favorite mascara at the moment 🙂

  • ThinkNPink101 4 years ago

    @GlitterandGlam14 Really? I think their short & stubby! So I have to layer
    a huge amount of mascara to make them look decent! But thanks anyways 🙂

  • ThinkNPink101 4 years ago

    @JSJ032 It wasn’t that much work 🙂

  • JSJ032 4 years ago

    Great idea and execution. A lot of girls are lookng for this! Next time it
    would be really helpful if you slowed it down a bit – I wish I had slow-mo
    on my app, but I don’t. Would love to be able to get a good clear view of
    the final looks. Also, would it be possible to list the products used in
    the info bar? That would be very helpful. Thanks for considering this!

  • ThinkNPink101 4 years ago

    @JSJ032 Thank you, I was planning to include some pictures at the
    beginning/end but I totally forgot! Just like I forgot to film an intro. I
    did remember to put in all the makeup products, & links in the description
    bar, I put it in later on today so it should be there? But thank you again!

  • ThinkNPink101 4 years ago

    @allthingsbeauty07 thank you kallie! <33