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DISCOUNT CODE!: pretty44 Code is good for 1 off the: HD SKIN SECRETS STARTER KIT: AND THE … Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Mandy Cummins 5 years ago

    I ordered my airbrush and a TON of foundations and colors (for my kit) and
    I used your code, so thank you!!! I filmed a first impression type of
    video, gonna upload it tomorrow :)

  • babydel90 5 years ago

    I just ordered mine. Around how long does it take to come in?

  • DolceSmile 5 years ago

    Most excellent review. Thank you for showing the cleaning process as well.
    Love the dark pink lipstick!

  • xXshamalowopommeXx 5 years ago

    MU tutorial pliiiiiz

  • bree torious 5 years ago

    You look gorrrrgeous.

  • Cierra H 5 years ago

    Your makeup is gorgeous!

  • aye ayekiee 5 years ago

    I love this look…please do a tutorial on this gorgeous look :D

  • piaisidora 5 years ago


  • Emily Hoffert 5 years ago

    You rock the dark lip!

  • Ashley b 5 years ago

    You are so prettyy <3 :)

  • mrsrockstar09 5 years ago

    I ordered the system with your discount code and it showed it took $300 off
    but they still charged my card over $400. Has anyone else had that problem?

  • mrsrockstar09 5 years ago

    Thanks, I did contact a manager and they put the money back on my card and
    I was able to use your code

  • Noelle P 5 years ago

    What do you use to edit your videos?? xoxo

  • GettingPretty 5 years ago

    I can definitely do a tutorial =)

  • Miss Pan 5 years ago

    with or without make up you are beautiful!!!! 🙂 where are you from??

  • fromalewithlove 5 years ago

    I just found your channel & it’s truly amazing ! Your videos are awesome !
    Hopefully you could check out my channel as well, I just started it so it’s
    fairly new 🙂

  • GettingPretty 5 years ago

    Thanks! Vancouver =)

  • MakeupWithZoe02 5 years ago

    Love the makeup… You look so pretty!!

  • GettingPretty 5 years ago

    Aww haha thanks Steph! It’s Rebel by MAC =)

  • itsdollface23 5 years ago

    wow i LOVE your makeup in this video

  • GettingPretty 5 years ago

    Thank you!

  • Destiny J 5 years ago


  • Emma Louise 5 years ago

    your makeup looks amazing, tutorial??

  • GettingPretty 5 years ago

    Haha well she is Canadian ;P and thanks =)

  • GettingPretty 5 years ago

    hahaha i dont know..