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More information :… Order now :… Follow twitter : Follow tumblr: http://ramoserrol.t… Video Rating: 5 / 5 Drugstore full coverage foundation routine, hide and conceal blemishes , acne marks, dark circles. Drugstore full coverage foundation routine for indian olive brown skin. I am so happy i have…

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  • Robert Raphel 3 years ago

    Is there a certificate of argan oil? 

  • Jim Carrey 3 years ago

    Argan oil is a miracle 

  • thomas morcany 3 years ago

    I think argan oil is the best acne cure…

  • kaleb amofah 3 years ago

    I can recommend this product who has acne scars on face or skin. It really

  • Makeup with Raji 3 years ago

    Drugstore full coverage foundation routine! I love this foundation!!

  • Makeup with Raji 3 years ago

    drugstore full coverage foundation routine! Cover your blemishes dark
    circles using ONE brand!!

  • Makeup with Raji 3 years ago

    THUMBS UP if you’re happy i have FINALLY got a drugstore corrector! I know
    i am! 

  • Marina Petrou 3 years ago

    This looks gorgeous!! The body shop double function powder is AMAZING!

  • Tina Shah 3 years ago

    I also love the Rimmel London stay matt powder. Never really tried anything
    else as this does the job nicely. I have heard the bonjour face powder is
    good, but iv never tried it. You look stunning as always Raji (: 

  • rayartistify 3 years ago

    Great vid Raji

  • Madhavi Mandalia 3 years ago

    Wow your skin has cleared up a lot.. I’ve been thinking of getting that
    foundation and concealer but just stuck on what shade to go for 

  • jessica paley 3 years ago

    Love the video
    The first part scared the crap outa me i thought it was a picture then you
    blinked idk why it scared me put it did lol
    Love it ♡♡♡♡♡

  • sweepee78 3 years ago

    I use MAC NC25 I wonder that FIT numbers I’d be for corrector, foundation,
    highlighter and powder? Any NC25 users use the FIT line? If so what number
    do you use?

  • Asiya Hussain 3 years ago

    Omg Raji. Your skin looks so radiant. I have used their concealers and
    loved them but was a bit sceptical about using the foundation. I’m defo
    going to try it now! Love how glowy it looks. Thank you so much for doing
    this tutorial. Lots of love xxxx

  • Slick Maria 3 years ago

    the Ben Nye banana powder is AMAZING, trust me x

  • Junior Luna 3 years ago

    where did you buy your brush ?? and how do you grow your eyebrows ? btw
    beautiful makeup look !

  • Yanelys M 3 years ago

    I’m going to try the Fit me 35 for correcting because I am currently using
    MAC concealer for that and it can get pricey! lol
    Also, no need to buy a mattifying primer for the Maybelline Fit Me
    Foundation, they have a matte version for girls that want to control shine
    🙂 Nice video!

  • Preity Makkar 3 years ago

    Perfect coverage..Maybellin products doin a gud job on ur skin sweety..

  • miss Jannat 3 years ago

    Raji!! Omg ur skin looks flawless!! U are stunning inside and out!!… im
    so glad I discovered u.. you’re my favourite youtuber.. love how real and
    beautiful u are xx

  • komalu2000 3 years ago

    wow this combination looks so much better on you!

  • Eema Eema 3 years ago

    Hi Raji! Would like to see an updated skincare routine of yours soon!
    Please please do one 🙂 Thank you! Love coming all the way from Singapore! 

  • MissUnique786 3 years ago

    Your skin looks amazing without foundation xx

  • Kathleen Mia 3 years ago

    Raji can you do a review on the hard candy glamoflauge concealer 

  • Anita M 3 years ago

    Hi favourite drugstore powder has to be rimmed clear complexion
    powder in transparent… It’s Sooooooo good been using it since I was 16 am
    in my 30s now lol u should really try it out n see what u think :)) 

  • Jordan Mackie 3 years ago

    That foundation really does look great on you I love it !!!

  • Maryam Bibi 3 years ago

    Same, I love the rimmel London stay matte powder!

  • miss Jannat 3 years ago

    Do an update on ur skin.. looks amazing.. the foundation suits u so much..
    its better than all the high end ones you wear… I seriously need to
    invest in one after watching you’re video x

  • UniverseJuice1 3 years ago

    This literally used to be my makeup routine. But I find the Fit Me
    foundation to be a bit pink on my yellow undertone. So I changed to the
    Covergirl 3 in 1 and it is the best yellow based drugstore foundation I
    found. Also what I used to do is mix in a bit of orange lipstick into the
    Fit me concealer tube to make it more peachy. But your right, the concealer
    is very runny. It sets in your fine lines if you use too much.