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Yoga Challenge – Shipping Julia – Summer (Anti-Back to School) Outfits – Getting ready for s… Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • AwesomenessTV 4 years ago

    What’s your favorite back to school hairstyle?

  • Tiffany x 4 years ago

    Used to love Gabi’s hair but the ombre just doesn’t blend well with her
    hair at all (in my opinion). I don’t think she should have dyed it, the
    blond blends nice in Nikki’s hair but it looks kind of mustard-y in Gabi’s.

  • HayitsSarah 4 years ago

    You guys look like Bethany Mota & Ariana Grande mixed together

  • Annalisa Martinez 4 years ago

    But i do ponytails and my head always hurts idek y!!

  • Sierra Castillo 4 years ago

    Ok when she yawned she said “don’t get offended” if someone gets offended
    by that then like wtf

  • Jade C 4 years ago

    LOL did anyone else yawn when gabi yawned :p

  • Girl Boo 4 years ago

    This Niki girl be taking over and doesn’t let Gabi talk or do anything !!

  • Emmaw4 4 years ago

    What kind of dog is that!? I mean maybe its a yorkie but its chubbier than
    the normal yorkie a and it’s face looks different! I love it and I want

  • Kyle Flanders 4 years ago

    How u get ur hair straight ????? <3

  • Addy and Bri 4 years ago

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  • Duyen Ping 4 years ago

    Gabi look like Ariana grande .

  • Sarah cupcake 4 years ago

    I get judged for trying new things like makeup and hairstyles and when I go
    with regular ponytail no make up look I still get judged so I need help can
    anyone tell me what I can do to get everyone to fuck off.

  • Lily Alexander 4 years ago

    I loooooove Nikki’s hair! <3 :D

  • Avelina Olivencia 4 years ago

    LOVE THE HAIRSTYLES GUYS!!!!! u guys r really pretty! Cute dog!❤

  • Paula Hauck 4 years ago

    aw i love gabi so much shes so cute and pretty i love her hair and her face
    and aksfdlsnsbafahansk

  • Alexia Andrade 4 years ago

    TBH I luv all of them 

  • Alissa Her 4 years ago

    I did the one half up half down so pretty and cute love it

  • Annalisa Martinez 4 years ago

    omg you cause are litterally the best!! at doing hair lol my hair is so
    dead like omg haha but i usually straighten and thats y its dead

  • Giovana De Angelis 4 years ago

    Gabi’s faces are like… hahaha

  • Inês Silva 4 years ago

    your hair colours are so fucking ugly i mean ew

  • marlene lozno 4 years ago

    Daing that girl is sleepy!!!!!!!! What kind of hairstyles do you like to
    wear to school

  • Genesis Brown 4 years ago

    that laugh when the person brought in the dog. – nicki-

  • Raquel Brenes 4 years ago

    Gaby has the same name as me And I love bows I alsof have bangs like

  • Natalie Silviana 4 years ago

    Who is older Nikki or Gabi?

  • Matilda Jansson 4 years ago

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    to youtube and trying to gain an audience so i would really appreciate it!
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