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Don’t forget to thumbs up if you enjoyed this video! & subscribe to my channel here! watch my last video here:… Video Rating: 4 / 5 READ ME/EXPLANATIONS ♥ ♥ On today’s tutorial I show you three cute simple hairstyles for short hair. If you want to bring fresh ideas to your hair stylin…

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  • pelin1838 5 years ago

    i think these hair styles are not modern and suitable for 5 to 10 year old

  • HOLYMOLYITSMOLLY 5 years ago

    Stop at 1:40, she’s possessed 

  • Paampi beauty ♥ 5 years ago

    That’s not short hair :/ but they are great ideas and you look pretty as
    always :)

  • Noëmi de Bruijn 5 years ago

    you are SO cute! are you indonesian? love the vid honey!

  • Karina Ledesma 5 years ago

    should’ve named it medium length hair lol. your hair isn’t short.. I can’t
    even pull my hair to the side to braid it, ugh lol

  • Lily Evans 5 years ago

    Your hair is not sbort itslime shoulder length I have a pixie cut and im13
    I know what short is

  • Eftychia M. 5 years ago

    The 3d hairstyle will be extra cute with a hair bow!! 

  • itsbribriii 5 years ago

    My hair can barely even get into a basic ponytail for work, let alone these
    cute styles. Should be for Medium Hair, not short! 

  • Lorena Luisa 5 years ago

    Maybe to her this is considered short hair guys.

  • Jas Na 5 years ago

    Love your videos, Heart, but sorry, you have medium length hair 😉 Maybe
    just you think this are short because you have long hair before. For me are
    short hairs like Kandee have them 🙂
    Sorry for my English :)

  • Can anyone please tell me how many inches she cut her hair off please

  • cutepolish 5 years ago

    Gorgeous summer hairstyles, Heart!

  • lilisimply 5 years ago

    Super cute Heart!! :)))

  • Missfrench14 5 years ago

    If you ladies get a chance, check out my most recent fashion videos! How to
    style overalls and a tulle skirt. :D

  • Kalei Lagunero 5 years ago

    Your hair is always so gorgeous Heart! Thank you for sharing some quick and
    easy looks! I wish I had short hair because I’m sure the whole styling
    process would go a lot faster then the 2 hours! Hahaha! Love you!

  • Beautyosaurus Lex 5 years ago

    LOVED! I honestly cannot even decide on which one was my favorite! All of
    them are perfect for summer ♡

  • luvlaurenashley 5 years ago

    Great video!!!! Loved the end!

  • Tracy Timberlake 5 years ago

    So adorable!!!! 

  • Sakuems 5 years ago

    *for MEDIUM hair 😀
    I know you’re used to super long hair so this is short to you Heart but for
    most people, this is medium hair ! and it feels long compared to mine lol

  • Quel Guimarães 5 years ago

    Amei o vídeo!!!

  • FrantzBeauty 5 years ago

    This video was SO helpful! I just cut my hair a few weeks ago and I had no
    idea how to style it. Thanks for the awesome ideas, Heart!! :)

  • jewelsharee 5 years ago

    Definitely trying out these cute hairstyles for summer! You’re beyond
    gorgeous, Heart <3

  • k1tcatsayz 5 years ago

    Your skin is glowing love!!!

  • shaira magno 5 years ago

    I really like you Heaaartt:)

    and guys, chill yooooo! She considers this short cuz her hair before was
    actually long and I think this is the first time she has cut her hair that
    short so she thinks it IS short 🙂 

  • Beauty by Sara 5 years ago

    so pretty!!! 

  • Manaswi Koirala 5 years ago

    this really helps

  • Natt Jett 5 years ago

    The first and third are the best! I loved the third one the most!

  • Bianca Mae Manzanilla 5 years ago

    thank you so much, now I can style my hair everyday

  • Kaziiaaa 5 years ago

    Option 2 is definitely one I’ll be trying this week 🙂 Thanks for the
    inspiration! x

  • kathie kimber 5 years ago

    nice updo!

  • Dawn Brotzman 5 years ago

    I like number 3, looks great!

  • Mooni Moowni 5 years ago

    Perfect timing to find your channel I had long hair and just finally cut it
    same height as yours. Love the tutorials

  • Tasty Bomb 5 years ago

    my hair’s too short for all this stuff ._.

  • Shatha Amer 5 years ago

    The 2nd is perfect def gonna try it

  • Nor Saimah 5 years ago

    You are so gorgeous

  • Rylie Gasper 5 years ago

    I liked the second one

  • Hema hk ツ 5 years ago

    here u go ! for short hair!

  • Tran Nguyen 5 years ago

    All of them are soooo cute 🙂 you suit the bob so well

  • Jamie Coleman 5 years ago

    They all were nice .. Btw i like the second trying it today..

  • Beiling Chen 5 years ago

    The 3rd was amazing!!!! :)

  • marsha arias 5 years ago

    Pretty styles and looks simple enough. I love how she says bobby pins ! :)

  • Kathryn Doug 5 years ago

    Your short hair is so cute!

  • stephy or nah 5 years ago


  • Christina Jones 5 years ago

    I just love your haircut.

  • Yisel Rosales 5 years ago


  • Manisha Dutta 5 years ago

    Fantastic … 

  • Marta Brunello 5 years ago

    You have pretty awesome hair. I liked the first two hairstyles a lot!!
    Really helpful, definitely going to do them :)

  • Farahin Zulkifli 5 years ago

    Love it 😀 please do more and more hairstyles for short hair hehehe

  • Neil Stephens 5 years ago

    I have short hair and I hate it im growing it luckily

  • uzma khan 5 years ago

    wow amazing i will try all of this and the good thing is im going for the
    tour soo i will try all this hairstyles and the 3rd is the best of all of
    this hairstyles love ya bye